Custom and Precision Rifles Ireland are leading custom hand-built gunstock makers and suppliers of complete custom built rifles. We also supply factory made shotguns and rifles.

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About Custom & Precision Rifles Ireland

Having my first introduction to shooting over 25 years ago, I have since tried out the different disciplines available to me, including small and large game hunting, using both rifles and shotguns. with some clay pigeon shooting along the way, all this eventually led me to competitive precision rifle shooting and target shooting. To succeed in precision rifle shooting every aspect of your equipment must be built to very precise tolerances.

Having first started to make stocks for my own rifles some 10 years ago and refining the process over the years, I found I was getting more and more requests for replacement stocks to be made, that I decided in 2008 to make the craft of making custom gunstocks my fulltime occupation.

Why buy a custom gunstock?

Each stock is designed in conjunction with the customer to take into account the intended use or uses of the particular firearm. Aspects such as - shooting position or discipline, calibre, exact firearm components, material choices, features and special requirements. Also exact measurements are taken of the shooter, so the rifle will be an exact fit in all aspects. A cast is taken of the shooters hand and this is incorporated into the stock.

The aim of this process is to produce a stock that will fit the intended shooter like an extension of himself/herself in all aspects, which allows the shooter to focus on the target and not trying to get comfortable on the firearm.

The next stage is joining together the stock and rifle metalwork. This can be just a matter of bolting the metalwork into the stock, which will give reasonable accuracy as the fit will be to tight tolerances. The ultimate accuracy will only be attained when a glass and pillar bedding job has been done. This is a process where metal pillars and a chemical metal is used to line the mating surfaces of the stock and metalwork. The components are joined together in perfect alignment and are then stress tested to ensure that the fit is correct.

There are lots of other factors that will affect accuracy, but without a good foundation for your rfile to shoot from, you or your rifle will never attain your ultimate accuracy potential.

Since starting fulltime in 2008, I have worked with some of the world's top shooters and I continue to work on an ongoing basis with some of the world's top gunsmiths, including Fergal White of Ireland Custom Rifles and Callum Ferguson of Precision Rifle Services in Scotland. 

A hand cast is taken for each gunstock    
Custom and Precision Rifles Ireland - Leading custom made gunstock maker based in Co. Waterford, Ireland.
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