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Please note: visits to our workshop are by appointmant only. Please contact us in advance to arrange a time.

Customer Testimonials

Following much deliberation and looking through various stock designs I decided to take the plunge and have a new stock custom made for my Steyr Mannlicher pro Hunter in 6.5x55. There are a few stock makers out there but I was put in touch with Enda Walsh from Custom Stocks Ireland by a contact on one of the shooting forums. Following many emails and a few telephone conversations Enda managed to get out of me exactly what I wanted in design and needed for practicality of both stalking and long range work. Enda even sent over a plaster cast kit for me to grip so that he can cut in my exact grip in front of the thumbhole.

Once Enda knew what I wanted including the colour of the blank he would use to cut out the stock he started the work. Within 2 weeks I received the stock, it was stunning and better than I had imagined. This work was completed by email and phone conversations and it was perfect. It fitted my rifle perfectly. I couldn't wait to try it out. The rifle had always shot well but I felt that the shoddy plastic stock really didn't do the Steyr justice so that was the main reason for the new stock. However I was keen to see if it shot any better having a more sturdy base to fire from.

I keep accurate records of all the loads I fire on every rifle I own. With a 95g VXAX load the rifle previously shot ?" groups at 100 yards. Once zeroed with the new stock attached I put 5 shots in one large hole apx 1cm dia at 100 yards. Yes much more than I need for stalking but for long range work this was ideal. I had never shot the rifle out past 400 yards (max distance at the range I shoot at) but a few months later I had the opportunity to get out and do some long range target shooting with some friends of mine. I decided to use the 95g VMAX loads and we set steel targets out from 300M to 820M. The grip of the new stock and solid base to shoot from made hitting the targets much easier. I was very happy at the end of the day when I took on the 820M target which was a 2ft square steel plate. I hit it 5 times from 10 (with a 15 mph left to right wind), 1 of which was only 4 inches from the centre.

Overall my impression of Enda and his work is extremely positive. I wouldn't hesitate to have another stock made by him and look forward to meeting him in person at the Midland game fair later this year.

Steve Nicholls, UK


I recently got Gunstocks Ireland to re-stock my 6.5 x 47 rifle.  Throughout the process Enda kept me informed of the progress by sending stage to stage photographs.  The time schedule for the work being undertaken was maintained.  Whenever I phoned to discuss the finer details Enda was always happy to take the call and never rushed. The quality of Enda’s work when I received the rifle back was absolutely stunning. The detailing on the finish was of a very high quality.  The cost was very reasonable but after receiving the rifle would have paid twice as much due to the excellent workmanship – not found very often these days!

I was that impressed with his work that I have sent over my 6x47 rifle for re-stocking. I would recommend using Gunstocks Ireland every time – VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Stephen Lifsey – Yorkshire, UK



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